Bayer, makers of Roundup, have paid out close to $11B To Victims

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Why Are People Filing

Roundup Lawsuits?

Background Info

The Roundup lawsuit revolves around the herbicide Roundup, which contains glyphosate as its active ingredient. Glyphosate is a widely used herbicide that has raised concerns about its potential health risks, specifically its alleged connection to cancer. The legal battle has garnered significant attention due to its implications for public health, agriculture, and regulations.

Roundup, manufactured by Monsanto (now owned by Bayer AG), has been in use since the 1970s by farmers, gardeners, and landscapers worldwide. However, studies have produced conflicting findings on the safety of glyphosate, contributing to the ongoing controversy. Some studies suggest a possible link between glyphosate exposure and an increased risk of certain cancers, including non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Legal action against Monsanto gained momentum as individuals who claimed to have developed cancer after using Roundup or being exposed to glyphosate filed lawsuits. These lawsuits alleged that Monsanto failed to adequately warn users about the potential cancer risks associated with their products.

A significant turning point occurred in August 2018 when a groundskeeper named Dewayne Johnson, who had terminal non-Hodgkin lymphoma, accused Monsanto of concealing the risks of Roundup. The jury ruled in Johnson’s favor, awarding him substantial damages. This landmark verdict set the stage for thousands of additional lawsuits against Monsanto.

Following the Johnson case, numerous lawsuits were consolidated into multidistrict litigation (MDL) to streamline the legal process. In June 2020, Bayer AG, the parent company of Monsanto, reached a settlement agreement worth 11 billion dollars to resolve thousands of Roundup lawsuits.

The Roundup lawsuit has ignited debates among scientists, regulatory agencies, and advocacy groups. Different regulatory bodies, such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), have conducted extensive reviews of glyphosate’s safety, leading to varying conclusions on its potential risks.

While ongoing legal action against Monsanto continues, the resolution of numerous lawsuits through settlements underscores the complexity of the case. The outcomes of this litigation, as well as the ongoing scientific and regulatory discussions surrounding glyphosate, will have far-reaching implications for public health policies, agricultural practices, and the agrochemical industry as a whole.

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Who Can File A Roundup Cancer Lawsuit?

Individuals who have been exposed to Roundup and subsequently developed health complications, particularly cancer, may be eligible to file a Roundup lawsuit. The eligibility criteria for filing a Roundup lawsuit typically involve the following factors:

  1. Roundup Exposure: The person must have a history of exposure to Roundup or its active ingredient, glyphosate. This exposure can occur through various means, such as occupational exposure for farmers, landscapers, or gardeners, or through residential use of Roundup for personal gardening purposes.

  2. Diagnosis of Health Complications: The individual must have received a medical diagnosis of a specific health condition that is linked to Roundup exposure. Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) is one of the most common types of cancer associated with Roundup use, but other forms of cancer and health issues may also be considered.

  3. Timeframe of Exposure: There is typically a specified timeframe within which the exposure to Roundup must have occurred. The exact timeframe may vary based on the laws and regulations governing the specific jurisdiction where the lawsuit is filed.

  4. Statute of Limitations: It is important to consider the statute of limitations for filing a Roundup lawsuit. This refers to the legal timeframe within which a lawsuit must be initiated after the discovery of an injury or illness. The statute of limitations can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the circumstances surrounding the case. It is advisable to consult with an attorney to determine the applicable statute of limitations in a particular situation.

It is essential for potential claimants to consult with an experienced attorney in regards to product liability or personal injury cases related to Roundup. An attorney can evaluate the individual’s case, gather necessary evidence, and guide them through the legal process of filing a Roundup lawsuit.